New York

Owensboro Family Epic Elf Picture Remakes
Jill & Amber Thompson got to mark one or maybe two items off their bucket list last week when they visited New York. Jill is a huge "Buddy the Elf" the movie fan so she decided to dress up like Buddy the Elf and remake some of his famous scenes. #SONOFANUCKCRACKER!
Alec Baldwin Is Mulling a Run for Mayor of New York
Before questionable Internet habits exposed the world to all of Anthony Weiner, the Congressman was considered the frontrunner in the upcoming 2013 New York City Mayoral race.
With Weiner's political future now very much in doubt, Alec Baldwin is letting it be known that he wouldn't mind r…
Winter Weather 2010
We here in the Tri-State had a lovely, white Christmas. The final snow totals, although small, amounted to a snow-covered landscape as well as the roads being a little treacherous  for a short while. Although the snow we received some would consider pretty substantial, other parts of the countr…