Dutch researchers have discovered that when your bladder is full, you make less impulsive decisions, according to the Telegraph.

The scientists conducted an experiment where one group of volunteers were given a lot of water to drink, and another group just a small amount. The Telegraph reports:

"Psychologists from the University of Twente in the Netherlands linked bladder control to the same part of the brain that activates feelings of desire and reward.

The study, published in the journal Psychological Science, also concluded that just thinking about words related to urination triggered the same effect."

After 40 minutes and no bathroom breaks the researchers asked both groups if they'd rather have 18 dollars today or 30 dollars in 35 days.

The volunteers with the full bladders were more likely to take the more financially prudent option, which would be the 30 dollars in 35 days.

The researchers believe this is because when a person controls their impulse not to urinate it also helps the brain hold off on making other impulsive decisions, resulting in better overall judgment.

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