Shaped by Faith guest Terry Pollard is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist at Serene Relief Massage, LLC. Terry shared his amazing story of how he became interested in this career field and his philosophy on massage therapy and healing the body. He also explained the different techniques of massage therapy and how to determine what type of massage individuals may need.

Terry owns and operates his own Massage Therapy business located 509 E 18th St. He offers Various types of modalities and spa treatments including Orthopedic, Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Therapy and more. Sessions can be customized for your specific needs.
Prices vary depending on type of service requested and length of session. Daily and monthly specials are also available.

Check out Terry's website for more information

Since Terry sees a lot of clients with back and spine problems that affect every area of the body I thought it would be ideal for him to demonstrate an exercise that strengthens and lengthens the back/core/spine. Give this a try! Start out with doing 5 repetitions on each side and then after you feel stronger go up to 8-10 repetitions. Your back and core will thank you!

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