A family road trip took a detour no one saw coming.

Mackenzie Behrens, 14, and her brother, Ethan, 12, called police when they realized their father was driving drunk as they traveled to Colorado from their home in Kearney, Neb.

The children became frightened and concerned when their dad, Jason, swerved and came to close to passing cars. They asked him to pull over, but he kept driving, forcing Mackenzie to take action. She texted 911 and engaged an officer in what was happening.

Ethan said it was not an easy thing to do. "It was hard, but it just pushed us to the point that we had to."

Jason eventually stopped at a Burger King and cops soon arrived on the scene, stunning him. He was so bewildered, in fact, that he asked his kids if they were texting police, to which Ethan responded, "Yeah, I thought I was gonna die."

Officers arrested Jason after discovering his alcohol level was three times over the legal limit. The kids were placed in their mother's custody.

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