Sandy Lowe is my guest on Shaped by Faith this week. I will be Sandy's Health Coach this year and together we will address weight loss, diet, exercise, Faith and anything else that comes up. On September 28, 2016 Sandy had Gastric Sleeve Surgery. She talked about the many health reasons behind making this decision to have the surgery to help her with weight loss.

Sandy was at an all time low point in her life before her surgery and was struggling with being pre-diabetic, obesity, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, high sugar levels, anxiety, stress and depression. There were many requirements that Sandy had to adhere to before the Gastric Sleeve Surgery would be approved by her Health Insurance Company. She had to be monitored by a doctor, lose 10% of her body weight, meet with a dietitian, get lab work done, have an upper GI, Sleep Study, Cardiac clearance, Swallow study and a few other things.

Sandy met all of these requirements and after her surgery has lost 50 pounds and is still losing weight. She immediately started walking after surgery and has not stopped. Her depression is no longer an issue for her and her blood pressure and sugar levels are normal. Sandy has a new outlook on life and knows God has a purpose for her. Moving forward she has joined a church, was baptized last year, and is working on improving her finances so that she can purchase a house for her and her three children. Sandy is a single mother and wants to be a good example to her children in all areas of her life.

Sandy will check in on Shaped by Faith the first weekend of every month. She will start to incorporate some different exercises into her routine and she will let us know how this is working for her. Let's cheer her on as we watch God transform her.

Sandy has not sat on a Stability Ball, so I thought this would be a great first exercise for her to do on Shaped by Faith. Just sitting on the exercise is an exercise that will strengthen the Core and Back. It also helps with our balance and stability.

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