Adam from Sloop Brewing stopped by for our Beer of the Week segment to educate us how different grains can affect the beer you drink.

Beer drinkers talk at length about the different varieties of hops. Some are more bitter, some have more citrus notes and some can even taste like a pine tree. Different grains can also have a big impact on the beer you drink, and mixing them together can create something very special.

Waves of Grain from Sloop Brewing is a combination of Rye, Wheat, Oats and Barley. The careful blend of grains takes advantage of each of their unique characteristics. Brewer Adam Watson explains that Rye is used to impart some spice notes, wheat adds a little dryness, barley can add some sweetness and the oats are all about creating a pleasing "mouth feel."

Waves of Grain is an American Pale Ale at heart, but the combination of grains makes it something very special. You can try it for yourself at the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival on September 19 in Beacon. Make sure to visit Sloop Brewing's booth and grab some grain knowledge from Adam and the rest of the Sloop crew.