The first Annual "Ri Ra Live on the River Side" presented by Coors Light will be sure to bring the entertainment with musical performances by Troy Miller, Blame the Radio, The Jason Lee McKinney Band, and Gentlemen and Scholars at Ri Ra's Iris Pub on Saturday June 22rd 2:00-11:00 pm - $10 at the door! Here's a rundown of three of the top bands that will be performing!

Jason Lee McKinney is a local artist that has some very relateable songs that many of you may have heard before.  His Facebook page says that McKinney has a passion and energy that is a perfect foil for his down-to-earth songs.  "Laid-back songs like 'Middle of Nowhere' are about growing up in the Midwest, and would fit in on any contemporary radio station. 'Born on the Westside of a Midwest town/ Indiana boy without a doubt/ Raised on the banks of the Ohio/ skippin' rocks to see how far they’d go' evokes more than just his own memories, these are the shared childhoods of Midwesterners."  Here is a link to the Jason Lee McKinney Facebook page - Be sure to check it out and learn more about this local talent!

Blame the Radio was founded by Elvis Anthony and Matt Camp. Matt was the founder of Calling Corners and Pieces of the Day. The five piece group is rounded out by Gregg Martin (who is a local jazz fixture and drum instructor), Nashville veteran Bruce Patten, and Nick Wildeman. Nick has been playing around the tri-state for over 15 years. Check out their Facebook Page at

Gentlemen and Scholars is  an independent Rock 'n Roll Band from Evansville, IN, that was launched in 2006. Gentlemen and Scholars' new album, Thick As Mud, is available worldwide through iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, and many others! Gentlemen and Scholars is rounded out by lead guitarist Adam Noblett, bassist Shane Strickland and drummer Kyle Burchett. On their own, the band has accomplished quite a lot in the past four years, booking several national tours starting shortly after they came together. The boys self-released 2008’s album The Record, The Keepsake, and the Thief which received favorable press including a review from, who proclaimed their music, “gives hardcore a sophistication and symphonic pitch that keeps it alive and meaningful for upcoming generations of rock.”  Be sure to check out their facebook page at


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