We always worry that somehow our gate will be open, and Harlie will run out. I don't know how far she would get, but if she saw a bunny, squirrel, dog, cat, person, okay basically anything moving, she would chase it. I can only imagine the stress that Kayla Wirthwein and her family are going through right now. Their furbaby, Kobi, has been missing since Thursday, August 13, 2020.

Kayla tells me that he was last seen at Poorman's Rd and Yankeetown Rd on August 13, at around 4:00 P.M. Kobi is an older guy, and he is skittish, but not aggressive at all. He is afraid of thunder, just like my Harlie.

It's been 5 long days and Kobi is still missing. I'll start off by saying thank you to everyone who has done anything to further our search. This has been a very difficult time for us, but it's been heartening to see people help.

If you may have seen him or know anyone with a "new dog that was abandoned in the rain", let us know, we're desperate to have him home.

Photo: Kayla Wirthwein

I see a lot of good news stories about doggies finding their way home. Let's help get Kobi home, and turn this in to good news.

Kobi Photo Kayla Wirthwein
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