Let's face it. When you think of snow, you don't normally think of cats...unless you're a snow leopard. That's why one Quincy family decided to take advantage of our recent winter storm to see what their cats would think. This video is the result.

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This was the simple backstory shared by the family on Rumble today:

We had a big snowstorm so we brought snow inside for our cats and foster kittens to play. We wanted them to have an experience with something they would otherwise never get to see.

It's cats and kittens with snow.

First observation. That's a lot of cats. Not criticizing. Cats are awesome. Is it just me or did the kittens think this was just really cold masses of white yarn? Probably just me.

Let's face it. We all have our own ways of dealing with large amounts of snowfall. Mine was to throw my shovel down the driveway and into the woods. This really happened. So, bringing in a kitty litter full of snow into your living room to see what your cats think of it isn't really that weird, is it?

Leave it to our part of America to hold snow cat experiments.

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