Psychologists know how people think, but you have to wonder what psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa was thinking when he wrote an article on why African-American are unattractive.

Kanazawa has been fired from 'Psychology Today' after his controversial piece on the subject ran on its website last month. Kanazawa's work caused a lot of anger, with some 75,000 people complaining to the magazine.

About two weeks after the post appeared, 'Psychology Today' took action. It issued a statement to African-American political group stating, "We are currently implementing measures to ensure more rigorous oversight of blogs prior to publication, including nights and weekends, when this was posted. The blogger in question is no longer contributing to the site."

The London School of Economics, where Kanazawa also works, has also demanded he step down from his post.

Kanazawa is no stranger to controversy. He's written pieces explaining how criminals look different than those who haven’t committed crimes, as well as another article stating women are nothing more than prostitutes.

Kanazawa had been writing for 'Psychology Today' for five years.

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