A movie deal is in the works based on the real life events of a priest who performed an exorcism on an Indiana women who claimed her family was victim of demon possession.

According to reports, Reverend Michael Maginot recently inked a deal with Evergreen Media Holdings – the production company responsible for ‘The Conjuring’ -- to develop a film adaptation of his experience conducting exorcisms, specifically on the family of Latoya Ammons.

Reverend Maginot was approached by Evergreen executive chairman Tony DeRosa-Grund after a story in the Indianapolis Star found the attention of the national media. Maginot says that he made the decision to sign the movie deal because he felt the story would not be sensationalized.

“The story is good as it is,” said Maginot. “You don’t need to go crazy with it.”

In addition, Maginot says he has also signed a deal with Zak Bagans to film an episode of ‘Ghost Hunters’ for the Travel Channel.

Incidentally, Bagans now owns the home where Maginot performed the exorcism on the Ammons family.