Halloween and Zombies go together like bread and butter (or maybe its graveyards and ghouls) either way with All Hallow's Eve about a week away - not to mention our 2nd Annual Zombie Walk - we're serving up the treats a little early - an interview with Max Brooks, author of the Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z.

Our fearful (more on that later) Max Brooks is the son of the multi-talented Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft.  His career credits include writing for Saturday Night Live, acting stints on Roseanne, To Be or Not to Be and 7th Heaven, among others, and he has lent his voice to several animated series.  But it is as a writer that Max Brooks has gained notoriety.  He is the recognized authority on how to survive a Zombie attack, thanks to his books The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z.  But why did he choose to write about Zombies?

Our question was, what was the first Zombie movie Max watched that put the lifelong fear of a Zombie attack in the forefront of his mind?

Hey, a healthy fear never hurt anyone - and it's giving us some great books!  So what's next for Max Brooks?

Since it's Halloween we have to ask, what does the Zombie Survival Guide author do on All Hallow's Eve?  Max says he usually stays home and takes his son trick-or-treating but this year, maybe not.

And if that doesn't work out - you can always come to our 2nd Annual Zombie Walk!



(Max Brooks)
(Max Brooks)