Well, good try every one. You really did your best with your Halloween decorations. However, this man in Ohio wins all of Halloween this year.

Last year, I was blown away by Home Depot's debut of their 12-foot skeleton that quickly sold out. But, those 12-foot skeletons look like mere babies compared to this homemade, house-sized skeleton created by Alan Perkins in Ohio.

I actually came across this thanks to the Twitter account @Rob_sheridan.

Thankfully, it's pretty easy to find people online and I was quickly able to contact Alan to ask about this incredible Halloween decoration.

I made the assumption that Alan had to be some sort of an artist. However, he's actually an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist and just does this as a fun hobby. You know, no big deal (she said very sarcastically).

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The photos, which you'll see below, display an impressive eye for creating this very realistic optical illusion of a giant skeleton overtaking his home. Speaking with Alan he said,

It took me about 25 days to construct and isn’t done. I am trying to have a skull break out of the roof.

He went on to say that a few years ago he had seen a Christmas decoration that gave the illusion that a Christmas tree was poking out of the roof. As if the tree they bought was so tall that it went through the ceiling. And,

I thought it was funny but figured I could make a similar effect for Halloween. I just figured I could make it bigger. I always have fun creating something that makes people scratch their heads.

I don't know if I'm scratching my head. I'm, more so, picking my jaw up off the floor because I'm so mesmerized by the detail in this Halloween decoration. If you're interested in learning how to build similar kinds of spooky decorations check out Alan's projects on Instructable. You can see all of his projects here.

Oh, wait...one more thing. In order to gain permission to use his photos, Alan's wife insists that I add one more note: Go Buckeyes.

Now, before I get pelted with whatever Michiganders will throw at me...take a look at Alan's process for building this giant skeleton as well as the finished product:

Ohio Man Wins Halloween With House-Sized, Homemade Skeleton Decoration

Sorry, everyone else, Alan Perkins in Ohio just won Halloween with his giant, homemade skeleton that looks to be overtaking his home.

The skill to not only envision this kind of full-scale decoration but then build it is not something I possess. I don't know that many people do. Hence why I can't stop telling everyone I know about this. However, for us less talented folk, we can still have fun with our Halloween decorations. Even if that means building our own Halloween nativity...check out what I'm talking about below:

Create Your Own Kalamazoo Halloween Nativity

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