We got a chance to interview one of the "ghosts" from the The Ghost Walks, sponsored by Historic Newburgh Inc. If you ever see a bride at the corner of State Street and Jennings in front of the The Old Newburgh Bank it may be the ghost featured above. She became a newlywed and a widow in the same day when she discovered her husband with his throat slit on the top floor of the bank. Was it suicide or murder?

The Ghost Walks, sponsored by Historic Newburgh Inc., will run this weekend - Friday, October 17th, 6:00pm-9pm; Saturday, October 18th, 5pm-9pm; and Sunday, October 19st, 5pm-8:00pm.

Ghost Walks features stories that are rooted in history.  They have been gleaned from old newspaper articles and from family legends.  This is an interactive encounter with history.  You will see and hear about the spookier side of Historic Newburgh.

Saturday evening, The RiverTown StoryTellers will be returning with their Scary Stories.  With the purchase of an $2.00 additional ticket after the  Ghost Walks tour on Saturday, Rivertown Storytellers will be telling their really, really scary stories.  Stories appropriate for the kid set will be early in the evening with the adult scary stories later.  Afterward your Ghost Walk, enjoy a hot cider in Town Hall.

Participants on the Ghost Walks can choose between two different haunted tours.  On the Water Street tour, attendees will learn of river lore  and some of our family mysteries.  The State Street tour focuses on Newburgh history, Civil War tales and the homes along State Street and East Jennings!  Both tours offer their share of history, Newburgh style.

The guided walking tours depart every 12 minutes from Preservation Hall (200 State Street) and each tour lasts about an hour.  Comfortable shoes are recommended for those participating.

Advance tickets are on sale now.  Advance tickets are $8/adults and $4/children ages 4-12.  After October 16th tickets will be $9/adults and $5/children ages 4-12.

You may purchase tickets by calling Historic Newburgh, Inc. at (812) 853-2815.  There is limited space so get your tickets now!

Historic Newburgh, Inc. is a non-profit, Main Street organization dedicated to the historic preservation, economic revitalization and sustainability of Downtown Newburgh.

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