Last week, some Kentucky residents noticed a thick white foam covering a local creek. This caused some concern, but you won't believe what this foam really was.

Residents in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky notices something very strange last week floating in Cedar Brook Creek. One resident, Danny Robinson, was eating dinner when he noticed the creek outside had a stream of white foam floating on top of it. Now, it is not too uncommon to see some foam atop Cedar Brook Creek. However, it was the amount of foam on the water that was concerning. According to Fox 56,

“Within 15 minutes, the whole creek went from a few inches to a foot of thick foam,” Robinson said. “I said, ‘We gotta make some calls, this is serious.'”

City officials quickly arrived to examine the foam in the creek. Kentucky’s Environment Protection Agency and Lawrenceburg Fire Departments collected samples, and what they found was quite surprising.

What Was The Foam???

Less than 24 hours after examination, the results of the mystery foam came in. The foam that was covering the creek was none other shampoo!


Now, you might be wondering how dog shampoo got into the creek to cause that much foam? According to Fox 56, John A. Mura, executive director of the Office of Communication at the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, released a statement regarding this issue:

<p>Glo-Marr Pet Products Inc., located at 400 Lincoln St in Lawrenceburg, had a release of dog shampoo last night that entered a storm drain and discharged into Cedar Brook. </p><p>The cabinet’s Emergency Response Team went to the scene last night and a cleanup contractor was on site today to recover whatever material was left after the spill. The stream was measured for dissolved oxygen and pH and there was no apparent effect on wildlife. </p><p>The cabinet’s Division of Water and Division of Waste Management were on scene at the facility today to inspect the facility.  </p>

The company has since shut down its drains to find where the busted pipe was located. Representatives of Glo-Marr Pet Products Inc. assured residents that since this shampoo is made for dogs and it is a coconut-based shampoo, it will not hurt the wildlife or damage the creek's ecosystem.


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