The legend of the hatchet woman that haunts an Illinois cemetery is both terrifying and sad all at the same time.

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The story takes place in Reading, Illinois where a small cemetery called the Moon Point Cemetery is home to just a few graves (less than 100). The Moon family is buried in this cemetery, and are known to be the founders of that particular land back in the early 1800s. The cemetery itself is just an eerie feeling. Surrounded by train tracks in the distance, a huge forest with a 50-foot drop, barbwire fence, and farming fields the feeling you will get walking in this cemetery I'm sure must be an eerie feeling.

Those who find the cemetery have shared their own stories with an encounter of the ax-waving lady who haunts the cemetery.  So, who is this ax-waving woman? The story goes that a woman had lost her little boy and was stricken so hard with grief that her grief turned into anger and soon she went insane. Now, every full moon you can see her ghostly spirit running through the cemetery waving an ax and some have said "throwing" a hatchet.

No one can seem to verify if she ever killed anyone when she was alive with an ax, but there have been people who have visited the cemetery saying that they have seen this lady and have told them to "get out." Which I am sure they did as fast as they could.

In the video below you can see a explore take a walk in the Moon Point Cemetery to not only try and find the Moon Family but maybe encounter the ax-waving lady.

Do you think the ax-waiving lady exists? I might have to make a trip out to Moon Point to find out myself. During the day, of course.

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