There is one Missouri cemetery that is known to be the final resting place for many celebrities including Stan Musial, Chuck Berry and numerous others who left quite a mark during their lives. There's a new video showing where they now rest.

This might sound morbid, but I enjoy walking through cemeteries. There's something about reading the history and seeing the lifespans of those who have been laid to rest that helps add perspective to daily problems. A guy who shares many of these experiences had this to say about a very famous cemetery in St. Louis:

Bellerive Heritage Gardens, this cemetery was originally known as Hiram Cemetery when it started in 1925. More than ten thousand interments are there, and it is considered one of the largest non-denominational graveyards in the St. Louis area...Starting with rock and roll's main innovator, Chuck Berry - to Donald Schnuck...Then I go to the chapel and visit Baseball Hall of Famer Lou Brock's final resting place. Across from the chapel are two of the Plager brothers: Bob (who passed away in 2021) and Barclay. Bob's stone was not yet placed at the time of my visit. Lastly, I visit the most famous St. Louis Cardinal of them all - Stan "The Man" Musial.

So much history here.

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Chuck Berry, Lou Brock and Stan Musial. While Chuck and Stan were past their prime when I was a kid, Lou was more or less my childhood as I vividly remember the night he got hit #3000 against the Cubs and when he broke the stolen base record against the Padres.

Perspective that no matter how celebrated you are in your life, you will eventually end up in a place like this. If only we could all be like Stan Musial and make such a difference in our communities that we're remembered for years afterward.

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