It's no surprise that National Nude Day would be celebrated in July. With temps in the 90s and 100s in the Tri-State, feel free to feel free (in your own home, shades drawn, sans minors).

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Though it's unclear what the origins of this holiday are, there are nudist camps, vacation spots, colonies, and beaches all around the world that are full of people who believe the human body should be celebrated. And, it's not all supermodels who frequent these places. Real people, real bodies!

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Nudity is one of the most primal and basic notions we, as humans, experience. We spend the first months of life totally nude inside of our mother's womb. In the Christian belief system, the first two people, Adam and Eve, lounged through the Garden of Eden nude until they ate the apple from the Tree of Knowledge which brought about self-awareness. I personally equate this to childhood vs. adulthood. Many toddlers would prefer to run around buck naked without a care in the world - with no ideas of predators, shame, or sexuality. They just feel great unhindered by clothing!

Nudity is found mostly in Western Art with highlights in the Ancient Greek and Renaissance periods. You can barely walk through modern Europe without seeing a nude statue or painting around every corner.

And I was surprised to learn that you can vacation nude in Indiana and Tennessee. My friend Barb put together a whole list of places where you can go hang out (literally).

So, even if you walk around nude for an extra moment or two before your shower or decide to do a few jumping jacks nude in your own personal home gym (not in public, please) celebrate National Nude Day!

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