It's hard to believe that something as simple and small as a baseball could be at the center (literally) of one of Indiana's most unique landmarks/roadside attractions. The next time you are near the tiny town of Alexandria, Indiana, you plan a visit to the home of Michael Carmichael.

Mr. Carmichael is the owner of the World's Largest Ball of Paint, and he welcomes guests to not only see the ball but to help keep it growing.


The Birth of the Ball

The story of the World's Largest Ball of Paint started on January 1st of 1977, that's when Michael let his son cover a baseball with a coat of paint. Over the coming days and weeks, the family added several other coats of paint - the original plan was to cut the ball in half to see how it looked inside. Instead, the Carmichaels just continued to paint that ball over and over and over again.

How Big is the Ball Now?

After nearly 50 years, and thousands and thousands of coats of paint, the little baseball has grown to a circumference of more than 14 feet and a weight of more than 2.5 tons. It boggles the mind to think about how many microscopic coats of paint it takes to reach that size.


You Can Make That Ball a Little Bit Bigger

Visitors to the Carmichael residence will find the massive ball of paint hanging from an industrial-strength steel beam in a custom-built "Ball House" next to their home. Guests are invited/encouraged to add another coat of paint before they leave, ensuring that the Hoosier landmark retains the crown as the world's largest.

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You can find the World's Largest Ball of Paint at 10696 N. 200 W. in Alexandria, Indiana. It is completely FREE to visit and paint the ball, but Michael does ask that you call 765-724-4088 first and schedule an appointment.


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