Hold onto your hats! The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory for parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. Expect strong winds, potential thunderstorms, and even snow.

Potent Storms with High Winds, Heavy Rain, and Potential Snow on the Horizon

Get ready for a wild weather ride, folks! The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Wind Advisory and Hazardous Weather Outlook for portions of southern Illinois, southwest Indiana, and Kentucky. and things are about to get intense.

Wind Advisory in Effect:

  • When: Friday, from 6 AM CST / 7 AM EST through midnight CST / 1 AM EST Friday night.
  • What: Brace yourself for southwest winds whipping at 20 to 30 mph, with gusts up to 50 mph! These powerful winds can blow around unsecured objects, potentially downing trees and power lines. Use extra caution when driving, especially high-profile vehicles.

Hazardous Weather Outlook:

  • Days Two Through Seven (Friday-Thursday):
    • Friday: A potent storm system roars through, bringing widespread rain that could lead to localized flooding. Up to 2 inches of rain are possible, with a small risk of severe thunderstorms in the southern Pennyrile region of Kentucky. Temperatures may dip below freezing by the end of the day, with a potential change to sleet and snow.
    • Weekend and Beyond: Buckle up for a dangerous cold snap. If temperatures remain below freezing on Saturday, it could mark the start of 5-6 consecutive days with lows in the single digits and below-zero wind chills. This poses a risk to those without adequate shelter and could damage plumbing and cold-sensitive infrastructure.
    • Monday: Accumulating snow may paint the landscape white, but amounts are still uncertain and subject to change. Stay tuned for updates!

Precautionary/Preparedness Actions:

  • Secure outdoor objects.
  • Use extra caution when driving, especially in high winds.
  • Stay informed about the latest weather updates and warnings.
  • Have a plan for staying warm during the cold snap, including ensuring adequate heating and proper clothing.
  • Check in on vulnerable neighbors and loved ones.

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Stay Safe and Stay Informed!

This is a developing weather situation, so be sure to stay updated on the latest forecasts and warnings from the National Weather Service. Download our app, monitor local news, and sign up for emergency alerts in your area. By staying informed and prepared, you can weather this wild storm safely!

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