Which would you rather have - a huge house with a limited lawn, or a humble abode with a massive yard? If you think your neighbors are a little too close for comfort and you're looking for a little more backyard breathing room, this list might be the perfect resource.

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LawnStarter compiled a list of 2,000 U.S. cities based on the average yard sizes of single-family homes from the Federal Housing Finance Agency. I'm not exactly sure what I expected - because it's not something I've ever thought about comparing - but I was surprised by the results.

This Small Illinois Town Has Some BIG Yards

With a population of just over 25,000 people, CARBONDALE, IL is #20 on the list with an average yard size of .732 acres, which is well above the national average of half an acre.

The top of this list is full of smaller populated cities, which I guess makes sense. Fewer people means more land per person, right? Only one of the top 30 cities on this list has a population higher than 50,000.

Head South for Bigger Yards

The data shows that North Carolina and Texas were the two states with the most cities in the top 150. Other Southern states like Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee finished in the top half of our ranking. Having said that, I would not consider the top city on the list to be southern. The tiny town of Carney, MD (not far from Baltimore) is #1 with an average yard size of 1.140 acres.

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See the full list along with more information HERE.

Is this information useful? Probably not. Is this information at least slightly interesting? I think so.

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