It's only been two months since the Evansville Rescue Mission announced plans to sell their 105-acre campground known as Camp Reveal. Former campers and residents that live in the area were concerned about who would buy the property, and what they would do with it.

Kevin and Shawna Bittner


God's Plan

Tracy Gorman is the President and CEO of the Evansville Rescue Mission, and it has been his hope that the new owner of Camp Reveal would carry on the camp's ministry in some form. Well, it is safe to say that prayers have been answered! Camp Reveal's new owners are Kevin and Shawna Bittner. The Bittner family has deep roots with both the Rescue Mission and Camp Reveal. Kevin was the CFO of the Evansville Rescue Mission, and their family even lived on the Camp Reveal property at one time.


Greener Pastures Ministries Inc.

The Bittners run the nonprofit religious organization Greener Pastures Ministries Inc. and Bittner Academy. They have provided before and after-school care programming, and a summer camp. 

“We are humbled that God would entrust us with the stewardship of this amazing property that has been the site of life change for tens of thousands of people since 1927. We are excited to expand our current Summer Day Camp program and additional youth programs; to offer the facility to the community in various rental forms, and to partner with local supporters to help us revitalize the inner-city youth camping programs.” ~ Shawna Bittner

 Carrying on Tradition

And so, the Camp Reveal grounds will continue to serve families for years to come. I for one am excited to know that the tradition of Camp Reveal and the ministry will continue.

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