There are always sweet kids waiting to be placed in foster homes and adopted on Indiana's Waiting Children list. But it really hurts my heart when I see siblings who want to be adopted into loving families together.

Meet Da’Mon, Kate, and Keenan

PHOTO: Da'Mon, Kate, & Keenan
PHOTO: Da'Mon, Kate, & Keenan
Da’Mon, Kate, and Keenan would do best in a two-parent home, but a single-parent home with strong support will be considered. It would be best if they are the youngest children in the home so that they get plenty of attention and support. These three will thrive in a home where they get abundant time with adults who model respectful, responsible behaviors. They’re all very active and hope for a family that is just as energetic and really likes to do things together. Their sibling bond is of vital importance, and a family will need to understand and respect that. Additionally, they have older siblings with whom they would like to remain in contact. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on children.

Meet Christopher and Alexander

PHOTO: Christopher & Alexander (8998 & 8906)
PHOTO: Christopher & Alexander (8998 & 8906)
Christopher and Alexander would do best in a two-parent home — they want a “good mom and dad” and would thrive with a positive male role model in their lives. The ideal home would be one that came with a big family, but no cats (the boys are not fans of felines). They need a home with consistent structure and rules, with follow-through for rewards and consequences. A home that provides stability and parents who are good at communication is ideal. They will need encouragement and support in school and out in the community. Parents should be willing to make education a priority.

Adoption Process in Indiana

Now that we have all fallen in love with these wonderful children, it's time to find them the perfect family. According to the Indiana Adoption Program, there are very specific steps that you will need to follow, in order to be eligible to adopt a child in the State of Indiana.

The National Youth Advocate Program

The National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP), a leading foster care organization, is expanding to Evansville! This exciting news means more children in need will have a chance at a safe and loving home, and Evansville families have a new resource to join the cause.

Why is Foster Care Needed in Evansville?

  • Over 500 children in Southwest Indiana are currently in foster care and many face uncertainty due to limited resources.
  • Keeping siblings together is a priority, but there aren't enough qualified foster homes to make it happen in every case.
  • NYAP's expansion will provide much-needed support for children, youth, and families in Posey, Vanderburgh, Warrick, and surrounding counties.
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Source:[Indiana Adoption Program]

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