Our friends at EvansvilleWatch keep an ear to the police scanner and relay information to residents through social media. Sometimes the calls that our police officers get create quite a buzz on Facebook.

PHOTO: road rage canva
PHOTO: road rage canva

Parking Lot Struggle

I will be the first to admit that parking lots are a challenge for me. Especially when it's dark and crowded. I don't have a backup camera so I usually just try to park in a spot that I can drive out of. I can certainly see where parking struggles can lead to frustration for other shoppers, but one woman took parking rage to the next level.


Assault In Progress Eastside Target

The caller states a female driving a black Camry tried to hit the caller with their vehicle. Caller says the female driver then got out and started hitting the caller, eventually dragging them across the lot with their car. EPD is with both involved parties. Both parties have visible marks and are telling different stories of what happened. EPD suspects this is a dispute over a parking spot.
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Full Police Report From Evansville Police Department

When officers arrived they made contact with all parties. The victim stated that she was driving through the lot to find a spot to park. She stated that she pulled into a spot but saw that she could not park there. She stated that she backed up and proceeded east through the parking lot. She stated that while she was heading east the offenders were yelling at her and following her. She stated that she opened her door and turned toward them to see what was going on. She stated that the offenders came up to her. One of the offenders shoved her car door into her face. She stated that she stood to defend herself. She stated that both the offenders and she started to fight. She stated that she then got back in her car and tried to drive away. She stated that one of the offenders was holding on to her and her car as she drove away but they finally let go. The offenders stated that the victim was driving in the parking lot and almost hit them twice. They stated that they yelled at the victim and she got out of her car and "came at them". They stated that they fought her. The female offender stated that the victim dragged her into the victim's car and pulled her while she was driving. Officers watched the surveillance video and determined that the offenders had battered the victim.

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10 Ridiculous 911 Calls Shared by Evansville Watch

Well, here we are just a few weeks into 2022 and our local police have been busy. Obviously, most of the calls that come in are serious and nothing to laugh at. Other calls just make you shake your head. Here are ten of those ridiculous calls. Thanks to our friends at EvansvilleWatch for documenting everything in real-time.

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