I recently wrote an article about the two Indiana cities with the shortest and longest names. It was interesting to learn that the city with the longest name ironically has one of the smallest populations. That got me wondering which cities and/or towns (is there really a difference?) are the least populated in the Hoosier state.

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To find out which cities have the smallest populations in Indiana I turned to the United States government and information collected during the most recent U.S. census, which was in 2020. I realize that it's possible the rankings could have changed over the last few years, so I was also able to find Indiana's 2023 populations at WorldPopulationReview.com - there was virtually no change in the numbers.

Photo by Kent Rebman on Unsplash
Photo by Kent Rebman on Unsplash

Before I share the bottom 10 cities on the list, there are a couple of interesting things I would like to point out.

  • There are, according to my findings, 567 cities in Indiana - the one that I referenced above, with the longest name in Indiana, is Country Club Heights, and it ranks 546th. Its population of 97 is the 22nd lowest in the state.
  • It should come as no surprise that Indiana's capital city Indianapolis has the highest population with 871,449 residents. What was surprising (to me anyway) was the size of the gap between #1 Indy, #2 Fort Wayne, and #3 Evansville.
  • Fort Wayne has a population of 269,621 (601,828 smaller than Indianapolis), and Evansville has a population of 114,957.

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And now, the 10 Least Populated Cities in Indiana

  • #10. Whitewater, IN is ranked 558th with a population of 70
  • #9. Vera Cruz, IN is ranked 559th with a population of 69
  • #8. Alfordsville, IN is ranked 560th with a population of 66
  • #7. Crows Nest, IN is ranked 561st with a population of 64
  • #6. Alamo, IN is ranked 562nd with a population of 62
  • #5. Mauckport, IN is ranked 563rd with a population of 45
  • #4. North Crows Nest, IN is ranked 564th with a population of 41
  • #3. Alton, IN is ranked 565th th with a population of 30
  • #2. River Forest, IN is ranked 566th with a population of 24
  • #1. New Amsterdam, IN ranked 567th with a population of 13

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I am curious about a couple of things. Have you heard of any of these towns, and/or do you know anyone who lives or has lived in them? Imagine being one of the 13 people who live in New Amsterdam - it kind of seems like a pretty cool privilege to me.

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