Scrolling through Facebook the other day, my heart fell to the floor as I came across a picture shared by the Muhlenberg County Humane Society. A dark hallway with kennels lining either side and sweet little puppy paws and snoots sticking out the bottom. Longing to be let out of their cages.

Tammy Piper, president of the Muhlenberg County Humane Society, and her husband Alex were at the shelter late one night painting the newly revamped meet and greet room when she walked by and saw the dogs reaching under their gates.  She thought maybe they wanted the toys or food that were scattered along the walkway, but when she moved the items, the sweet animals remained unmoved. In her Facebook post, she said "They are warm and fed but still need a loving home."

Although this picture may move you to tears as it did me, learning of the horrors some of these dogs have endured will rip your heart right out. The no-kill shelter handles a lot of cruelty cases which means that a number of the animals there require medical treatment for neglect, broken bones, and even worse.

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Poor Blaze came to the shelter about two weeks ago after surviving a terribly abusive situation. Someone had wrapped his snout in barbed wire and threw him out to fend for himself. He was in really bad shape, but after the love and care of the veterinarians and volunteers, he is doing much better. Just look at him now! What an angel!

When injured animals arrive at the Muhlenberg County Humane Society, they are assessed and given foster homes while receiving treatment and regaining their strength. "Fosters are our angels," Tammy said. "They help rehabilitate the animals to get them ready for adoption day." A lot of times the dogs need to be nursed back to health physically as well as mentally.

One of the dogs currently being fostered, Ghost, was a service dog who was surrendered with a broken leg. The owner either could no longer care for him or wanted him. The vet wasn't sure whether he would be able to keep his leg, but luckily he had surgery yesterday that should keep him from becoming a "tripod." After Ghost recovers, he will meet a young lady in the area who has been waiting for a service dog for a long time. She needs a companion to monitor her reoccurring seizures. He will soon be back to living his best life and taking care of his new special person.

Like a lot of shelters in the tri-state, the Muhlenberg County Humane Society is busting at the seams. "Our capacity is about 68 dogs. Most of the time, our numbers stay around 100. The dogs that get along with each other have kennel mates so they aren't totally alone, but all of them are desperate for love and attention from humans." Tammy shared. This is the time when I pull a "Bob Barker" and remind everyone to "spay and neuter your pets." If you can give one of the amazing animals at the shelter a loving home, Tammy would love to introduce you to your next furry family member.

I asked Tammy what people can do if they are moved to help in some way but cannot adopt, "Come and walk dogs or spend time playing with them. We are always in need of food, blankets, and straw donations." She also wants to encourage folks to come and learn about what they do. "We love it when members of the community stop by. We could not do this without our community. 30% of our funding comes from the county, so the other 70% comes from community and business donations." Their PayPal link is listed on their website and Facebook page. Monetary support goes straight to medical bills like the treatment that is healing Blaze's injuries and the surgery that saved Ghost's leg

"We all love to celebrate our success stories. It makes it all worth it." Like little Emma who just found her home in Central City with the Lindsey family.


"Our community is the hero in these dogs' stories." If you would like to be a hero in the lives of one of these precious pups, please reach out to the Muhlenberg County Humane Society. The dogs are literally reaching out for their forever homes.

The Muhlenberg Humane Society
The Muhlenberg Humane Society


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