FOX plans kick off the New Year with the launch of a brand new game show! Blackish star Anthony Anderson is set to host We Are Family and he'll share those duties with his own mom, Doris Bowman (a.k.a. Mama Doris). They'll be joined on the set by a contestant from Owensboro, Kentucky!

Michelle Boarman, a local hairstylist who works at Creative Image, auditioned for the show a few months ago and was chosen to compete. But what exactly will she and her fellow contestants from all over the United States be doing on the show? How in the heck does We Are Family work?

According to FOX, the show will “showcase non-famous relatives of celebrities performing amazing solo performances and duets with their hidden famous family member.” The contestants have to figure out the identity of those famous relatives for the chance to win money.

Here's the official teaser trailer for the show!

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We Are Family is reportedly executive-produced by Jamie Foxx.

According to coworker and friend Regina Terry, Michelle "spent three weeks in Atlanta filming." Plus, "there will be ten episodes of the new series and Michelle appears on all ten." According to Fox's official website, each contestant has the chance to win up to $150,000 each. So how much money did Michelle win? You'll have to watch the show to find out.
We Are Family premieres Wednesday, January 3rd. To learn more about the show and to check your local listings, CLICK HERE!

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