I've always thought that Santa Claus was an adrenaline junkie. He's gotta be to fly his sleigh all around the world in only one night! Can you imagine how fast he must go to make it to all of the houses, squeeze down the chimneys, and make it back to the North Pole by morning?

Do you remember when Santa took some time off to enjoy the rides at his favorite theme park? He and his elves work around the clock all year to get ready for the big day, but Santa must have needed a little break. So, naturally, he hopped in his sleigh and headed for the town with his namesake in Indiana. I totally understand, Santa! Holiday World is my favorite too! We also happen to have the same favorite ride.

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This past summer, Chad and I had a blast on opening day at the park. We are both coaster-lovers, but what he didn't know was that I'm a screamer! I have some very strong lungs, and those first super steep drops always get me good!

My husband was sneaky and caught a video of us as we zoomed around on my beloved Thunderbird. I probably screamed one long scream from beginning to end. It is so smooth and exciting that no matter how many times you ride it or where you sit, it's just as fun over and over. Zero to 60mph in 3.5 seconds? Ho Ho HOLY MOLEY, that is fast!

At least that's what Santa was saying when he took his turn! Luckily, his trip was caught on camera. He's almost as much of a screamer as I am! Seeing his jolly self laugh with arms and legs just a- flailing in the air fills my heart with Christmas Spirit. I hope it does you too!


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