I don't think I had ever heard of Temple Grandin until I saw a biopic of her life that aired on HBO in 2010. Claire Danes played the title role and it was one of the most unusual and the most moving performances of her career; she won an Emmy and a Screen Actors Guild award. Temple Grandin was also named one of the "Top 10 television programs" of 2010 by the American Film Institute. All I was thinking after I watched it was I had to find out more about this fascinating woman.

Here is the trailer from the 2010 film:

I also know I learned more about autism. I had never really seen it represented in a film or a tv show. I could not belive how now Dr. Grandin's mind was so literal, so expansive, and she's a critical thinker to boot. I learned that are different kinds of autism. I never knew the term "neurodivergent".

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Dr. Grandin is one of if not the best animal behavior experts in the world; and she is one of the most-respected experts on autism.

Dr. Grandin will be speaking at SKyPAC in Bowling Green this coming Tuesday, April 30th, a program presented by the Warren County Public Library. Tickets to the event are free and are available HERE. Doors open at 6 and the program will begin at 7:30.

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April is Autism Awareness Month and here is where you can find out more about autism and find more resources.

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