If you can live in a tiny house that's about 600 square feet in area--and I see occurrences like this all the time--then you can certainly come up with a very creative, out-of-the-box use (no pun intended) for a shipping container.

I love maximizing small spaces. I know that sounds weird, but I own it and I don't care. When I was a kid, one of the grocery stores where Mom liked to shop was Charlie's Key Market. It was on Frederica Street near the Hill Avenue intersection. It is LONG gone, but it thrived while it was in business. And it was little bitty. Seriously, Charlie's Key Market had anything you needed from a grocery store, but was the size of a small convenience store. I would put them in the Space Maximization Hall of Fame if there was one.

KY Pizza Restaurant Made Out of Shipping Containers

I would also suggest entry for a new pizza joint in Ashland KY that a clever family fashioned out of two SHIPPING CONTAINERS. Suddenly, I want to go, and I don't care what the reviews are. SPOILER ALERT: so far, they're all five-star recommendations. It's called Cargo House Pizza (how perfect) and it just opened this week.

Specialty pizzas, pastas, salads, and sandwiches make up the majority of the menu with highlights that include Port of Memphis, Honolulu Harbor, and Port of Ensenada. Respectively, barbecue, Hawaiian (yes, pineapple, which is GREAT on a pizza), and Mexican pizzas. And they sound scrumptious.

Shipping Containers as Restaurants Is Actually Nothing New But Still Brilliant

While it IS a great idea, this isn't the first time a shipping container has been turned into a pizza restaurant. Check out this report from KCRA in Sacramento CA from 2016:

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There Are Many Out-of-the-Box Uses for Shipping Containers

And if the robotic voice you're about here doesn't totally creep you out, you'll enjoy a collection of other businesses that are thriving inside shipping containers. So clever.

Some people even fashion two-story HOMES out of shipping containers:

I wish the folks at Cargo House Pizza great success. I've visited Ashland a number of times; a friend of mine lived there way back in the day. And for a town of just over 21,000, I was always impressed with the restaurant selection.

Now you can throw one more into the mix--and a pretty ingenious one at that.

[SOURCE: The Daily Independent]

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