Let's say it's 2018, and you visit a fortune teller, and that fortune teller regales you with tales of one of HGTV's biggest stars taking playful jabs at University of Kentucky fans.

The fortune teller can't explain why but feels very confident that it will happen in...oh, I don't know...six years. Flash forward to 2024, and you're scrolling through social media, and you discover--after clicking the following post--that she was CORRECT.

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Perhaps the comment needs a little context. Hurley is the hoops coach at the University of Connecticut, and they just won their second consecutive national championship and sixth overall. In 25 relatively short years, the Huskies have become a basketball blueblood, a powerhouse with as many Natties (national titles) as North Carolina and just two fewer than Kentucky.

Kentucky Coaching Search Loops in HGTV Superstar

The thinking has been that since John Calipari departed Lexington to become the head coach at Arkansas--he was introduced Wednesday--the Cats could throw a dart and get the replacement of their choice; that they could back the proverbial Brinks truck up to Hurley's front door and dump an eight-figure annual salary into his family's lap.

But University of Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart is personal friends with Scott Drew, the head coach at Baylor, and the Bears are only three years removed from a national title of their own. And if you've ever seen a Baylor game, you've probably seen HGTV superstars Chip and Joanna Gaines in the stands. The cameras never miss an opportunity.

The Gaineses would love for their coach and good friend to stay in Waco, and Chip has had a great time trolling Big Blue Nation after this post appeared at the same time Scott Drew was rumored to be in Lexington:

Until this thing is settled in Lexington, we can expect to see more posts and exchanges reflecting the magnitude of a Kentucky coaching change AND expectations from an enormous fan base that have never been higher.

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