While our snowfall amounts in western Kentucky, didn't come close to some of the winter blasts we've experienced in the past, other parts of the Commonwealth can't say the same thing.

The Snow Lands Beautifully in Eastern KY and the Smokies

In fact, Appalachia, in general, apparently had a bullseye on its peaks; Tennessee joined Kentucky in "celebrating" ITS first major snow of the season.

Whether or not the LOCALS are indulging in their very own winter wonderland remains to be seen, but it's given the rest of us some eye-popping images and video to enjoy.

An Ace KY Videographer Captures the Winter Magnificence of Cumberland Falls

Heading north into Kentucky and the Cumberland region, we find ace videographer Ben Childers--a man who loves the Commonwealth and captures its beauty unlike anyone I've ever seen--hard at work doing his thing. His video imagery of the Appalachians in autumn are breathtaking, so it's little wonder he took advantage of a winter storm to show us this. How's this for a little poetry in motion? Just remarkable:

This reminds me of my trip to Niagara Falls back in 1987. I was in college, and it was my first big solo road trip. Also...it was March, and the spray from the Falls had frozen everything it touched. Thank heavens Childers' equipment withstood the elements. What a mind-blower. However, this is nothing new for this incredible talent. Here was nearby Corbin KY a couple of years back:

You know, for the purposes of relaxation and decompression, I have retreated to his video work on multiple occasions. Ben Childers spotlights all Kentucky seasons beautifully. I mentioned autumn earlier; take a look:

Of course, by this time tomorrow, all that snow and ice at Cumberland will be gone, if it isn't melting already. So you'd just have to be lucky to catch it in person. But as you can see, there really isn't a bad time to check out the Appalachians here in Kentucky, in Tennessee, Virginia...anywhere.

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