It wasn't very long ago that I thought Dollywood didn't have an off-season. I guess because I thought the popular Pigeon Forge attraction had so much to offer guests through the holiday season that it just kept right on going.

But that's ridiculous. You HAVE to have an off-season to prepare for all the new experiences you're going to provide for guests in the coming year. Also, Dolly Parton has a birthday in mid-January; you have to take a break.

But not much of one.

Dollywood 2024

It only takes two months for the Queen of Country Music's brainchild to reset for a new season, and that is exactly what's happened at 2700 Dollywood Parks Boulevard. Keep in mind, there are no guarantees, but here's what happened last year on opening day:

Contrary to certain beliefs, Dolly Parton is not always present at Dollywood. But she does make the occasional cameo, as you can see. So don't count on the entertainment icon being there on day one. Besides, it will be that much better if she shows up and no one knows it.

The Dolly Parton Experience at Dollywood

But I'll tell you what. In lieu of actually SEEING Dolly, you can enjoy the all-new Dolly Parton Experience.

The Dolly Parton Experience is slated to open with a number of interactive elements to make guests feel as if they were alongside Dolly as she journeyed from Locust Ridge to stages around the world. The entire Adventures in Imagination area transforms to create the Dolly Parton Experience. Housed in multiple buildings, the multi-faceted experience includes exhibits which span her iconic career, a look at the inspiration for and results of her biggest dreams, the importance of her family, and even a curated exhibit that highlights Dolly’s signature style through the years.

Dollywood opens for the season on March 8th, but the Dolly Parton Experience won't launch until May, but feast your eyes on what you have to look forward to:

For me personally? I already know I would need multiple days at Dollywood to take it all in because I could spend a lot of time at the Dolly Parton Experience. Few PEOPLE--let alone entertainers--have as interesting story to tell as this Country Music Hall-of-Famer.

And then when you're finished there, you can move on to something ELSE that's fresh for 2024.

The Lightning Rod at Dollywood

If you're a big fan of one of the park's most popular coasters, which opened in 2016, you'll be interested to know that the Lightning Rod will be upgraded for 2024 from a launch lift to a chain lift. Efforts to perfect all Dollywood attractions are ongoing so as to provide the best experience possible for patrons.

Dollywood's HeartSong Lodge & Resort

2024 will mark the first full season for Dollywood's new luxury resort, HeartSong which opened in October 2023 to immediate sold-out bookings.

Who's ready to go right now? Hey, if you wanted to drop out and spend the next month waiting for Dollywood's 2024 season to begin, I have no doubt you'll find plenty to do until March 8th in the Great Smoky Mountains.

See Dolly Parton's Longtime Nashville Home

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean owned this 4,795 square-foot residence in Nashville from 1980 until 1996. While it's not the lavish mansion one might expect one of the biggest country stars of all time to have lived in, it's a beautiful home that's also a one-of-a-kind piece of country music history.

Built in 1941. the house features four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and the wooded, 2.4-acre property also features a detached storage building. Amenities in the stucco home also include an eat-in kitchen, carport, covered porch and patio, deck, a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a great room large enough for plenty of games and entertainment and dual heating and cooling units.

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