Summer is here and NOBODY wants to be a HOMEBODY for the next three months. I actually never do, but especially in the summer. I'm not sure why I don't like staying inside in the air-conditioned comfort of my home during the warmest months of the year, but I don't.

This is the time for discovering new places to go. Fortunately, Kentucky offers a lot of opportunities in that category.

Now, look at me. Here I am talking about not wanting to stay inside all the while getting ready to tell you about a restaurant that is SO "inside" that it's underground. Not only that, the Troll Pub Under the Bridge has its roots in the early 1800s. So let's investigate. (I wonder if the three billy goats gruff like this place.)

Well, I already love it. Now, for some history.

In 1834, there was no Troll Pub. But there was Louisville's iconic Galt House--the ORIGINAL Galt House. 31 years later, in 1865, a fire destroyed the building. The location soon became the headquarters for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. (L& remember that, right?)

In 1937, long after L&N had moved on, the historic flood of '37 filled the place with water. By 2010, after a long and varied history--the space was actually used as an artist's colony--a local investor saw the potential magic and transformed all the unique little rooms into an underground dining experience which opened in October of 2011. And Louisville's isn't the only one. There's also a Troll Pub in Dayton OH.

Atmosphere is great, but you want what I want...a look at some menu items.

And of course, you just KNEW they'd have a hot brown. My mouth is already watering.

Well, it all looks amazing. From the menu to the ambiance, Troll Pub Under the Bridge just seems like the perfect hangout. I've already put it on my to-do list. Maybe you have, too.

Just don't forget your photo op with Louie the Troll.

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