Several years ago, there was a car show at Roberts Stadium in Evansville during which many "concept cars" were on display up in the concourse area.

Automakers use concept cars to gauge the public's interest or reaction to new designs and features and usually do not go into mass production. They're like gigantic Hot Wheels. I, for one, wanted to drive every single one of them out of Roberts Stadium.

I thought Priuses and Teslas looked like concept cars early on, but now that we're so used to seeing them, they've lost that "edge," so to speak.

Very recently, another vehicle that looks like a concept car showed up in Owensboro, and maybe it's the first time such a machine has made an appearance here. I've only seen them in magazines, and they are admittedly unusual. Have YOU spotted the CyberTruck yet?

The Cyber Truck is a Tesla but looks less like a typical road vehicle and more like what you'd drive across the surface of the moon to plant a flag or hit a golf ball.

According to, Cyber Trucks have a 340-mile range and possess a towing capacity of up to 11,000 pounds. They can go from zero to 60 in 2.6 seconds. And with a stainless steel body that's reportedly bulletproof, the Cyber Truck will run you anywhere from $81K to $101K. A less expensive rear-wheel drive version is on its way for 2025, but that will still set you back north of $62K.

So what do you think? On the 2024 Christmas wish list or not?

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