Not all malls are dead. I realize that in 2024, very few, if any, traditional shopping malls are being built, but that doesn't mean all those that have been standing for decades have gone to the big box store in the sky.

Many of them have, however, and this list might just back that up; you'll only find two traditional malls on it. So let's take a look at what Trip Advisor contributors have said are the ten best malls in Kentucky.

10. Greenwood Mall - Bowling Green

Having spent a lot of time here during my collegiate years, it's nice to see one of my old stomping grounds make the cut. And, with few exceptions, it doesn't look much different from way back in the day.

Google Street View
Google Street View

From Tamarasister of EvansvilleFirst time visit we found it to clean and well staffed. Plenty of shops with multitude of variety. We visited on a weekday morning saw the mall walkers as shops were just opening when we arrived. If your interested in clothing, jewelry and shoes this is the place to visit but sadly no real toy stores to speak of if your Christmas shopping.

9. Hillview Peddlers Mall - Louisville

Peddlers Mall is a family-owned regional chain with locations in Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia, as well as Kentucky. We have one in Owensboro, and it's a real treasure trove of treasures you might not even know were treasures.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Says Pat H of MinnesotaHuge. Clean and organized. Large selection. Have never seen a store that was so easy to see products. Prices were good. Everyone was helpful. Will go back when in KY again.

8. Georgetown Antique Mall

The first of two Georgetown appearances on this list takes us to its antique mall, a shopper's dream stop where the door hinges are constantly busy. And, as you can imagine, this place is a gold mine at Christmas time.

TheWanderingBlonde of Louisville is a big fan: We took a day trip to Lexington KY & Georgetown KY to antique shop. This was my first visit to Georgetown Antique Mall. The building is much bigger than it appears and has 3 floors full of antiques and collectibles! There is something for everyone in every price range. I am a (mostly) old photo and paper collector and there was a lot in this store. The staff was very friendly, helpful, and welcoming. It's also in a quaint historic district with beautiful old architecture. The building itself is very old and I was also interested in the history of that too. You are sure to find something that suits you here. I will definitely go back!

7. Glendale Antique Mall

I've never been to Glendale KY but it's already charmed my socks off. I deliberately included more than just the store in the image; that railroad track through downtown and The Whistle Stop restaurant exemplify exactly what I love about small town America. And I'm not the only one enamored of those features; this Youtuber and antique enthusiast was impressed with Glendale for the same reasons.

6. Bennie's Barn Antique Mall - Glendale

Bennie's Barn is quite literally BEHIND the Glendale Antique Mall which means you might be able to get all your gift shopping done in one trip through this Kentucky town of just over 2,000. Sadly, though, you better hurry; it's closing in late February.

5. Todd's Antique Mall - Berea

The mailing address is Berea; the actual location is tiny, unincorporated Paint Lick. Regardless, these folks love Todd's Antique Mall.

So does Jennifer OGreat variety and reasonably priced! We tried to hit every antique store in Berea and this was the best by far! So many booths and not a lot of repetition. I saw in a review someone taking issue with the prices, but everything seemed very realistically priced! If you love antiquing this is a must-see place in Berea!

4. Georgetown Peddlers Mall

Georgetown must be a hotbed for ancient finds and hidden treasures. We've already examined the antique mall, and now, once again, we're making a stop at a Peddlers Mall. Clearly, I need to plan a little old school antiquing trip to Georgetown.

3. Fayette Mall - Lexington

Years ago, Fayette Mall had the weirdest design. There was an anchor store--Sears, I think--right in the middle. And you got to the rest of the mall by walking through it. Four other members of my family were with me and I couldn't find two of them because theyl were in a store on the OTHER side of that middle anchor. There's clearly been a major re-design; I didn't notice that bizarre feature the last time I was there, and the current mall map backs that up. ANYWAY, let's hear from someone who, like me, puts this mall as high on their list as I do mine.

ztd1989 of Kenova WVWe decided on a whim to take the 2 hour drive to this mall. We are so glad we did. Lots of different stores and some unique ones as well such as BoxLunch. We enjoyed ourselves and plan to return many more times. This mall offers something for everyone.

Google Street View
Google Street View

2. Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass - Simpsonville

Outlet Shoppes is one of the premiere outlet malls in Kentucky, but enough users must have been so enamored of the Ghirardelli store that that's how it got listed on Trip Advisor. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, come on, Ghirardelli, right? As for the REST of Outlet Shoppes, high praise comes to us all the way from Schenectady NY:

1RaiderFan: Do you know how sometimes when you go to the outlets it’s hit or miss? This one was all hits! We were very pleased decided to burn a few hours here. They had a lot of nice things we found and they actually had things on sale at a discounted rate! What a surprise! Because as you know some of those outlet stores are simply stores now thumbs up for the outlets of blue grass.

1. Newport on the Levee

There's a huge "mall" just outside the Cleveland OH city limits that reminds me of this one. If this is the new look of malls going forward, I'm sold. And so is Mstallwo1 of Greenville SC who enjoys the view as much as the shopping:

Beautiful area. We enjoyed walking across the bridge and taking photos. We were there very early in the day so most restaurants were not open, but we were amazed at all of the restaurants and enjoyed looking at posted menus. Police officers were patrolling on foot and very friendly as we were walking the bridge at the same time. Beautiful skyline and the views of the river from the bridge are beautiful.


In terms of malls in the 2020s, it looks like folks have pivoted heavily toward nostalgia with the number of antique malls present on the list. Sounds good to me. These days, the only interest I might have in a traditional mall depends on whether or not its stores carry big and tall men's clothing.

Otherwise, I'll be antiquing right alongside you.

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