Well now, there's been a development since last we spoke of hamburgers. And when we did, we were discussing a travel website's choice of the best burgers in Kentucky.

Two KY Burger Joints Are Among the Best in the South

Well, guess what? Another website has other ideas. Southern Living, a popular lifestyle publication since its 1966 debut, has published a list of the most beloved burger joints in the South and none of the burgers mentioned in the story referenced earlier are on it. And if you're looking for well-known national chains, keep looking. Only local joints made the cut.

When that inner craving calls for a good old-fashioned<a href="https://www.southernliving.com/recipes/cheeseburger" data-component="link" data-source="inlineLink" data-type="internalLink" data-ordinal="2"> </a>burger, chances are you already have a place in mind. We love our Southern fast-food chains like Whataburger and Cook Out, but when we need a quick fix, neither hold a candle to our favorite local spots. These are the places that have been around since our parents and grandparents were kids.

And I couldn't agree more. I think my favorite is when those places press the ground beef onto the grill and the burger gets those crispy edges. Good Lord, I want one right now. I don't care where it's from.

Wait...actually, I do. I want one from one of the two Kentucky burger joints that made Southern Living's list.

Burger Boy Diner

It doesn't take a genius to figure out a great burger joint next to a college campus is going to be an enormous hit. Such is the case with Burger Boy which is located just a couple of blocks from the University of Louisville campus.

The best part--well, I guess the burgers are the best part. The SECOND best part? Burger Boy is open 24/7 and so is its breakfast menu. "Breakfast served anytime" is one of the all-time great phrases. And judging from that review, Southern Living isn't alone in showering the same level of praise of Burger Boys burgers.

Laha's Red Castle

I could kick myself. While visiting Abraham Lincoln's birthplace a few years ago, I also found myself on the square in downtown Hodgenville. I even have a picture of the Lincoln statue in the middle of town. Catty-corner across from that statue is Laha's Red Castle. I looked right at it...and went somewhere else. I could have had one of the best burgers in the South and blew it off.

And yes, I even saw the giant chair and STILL went somewhere else.

Don't be like me, if it looks like a good old-school restaurant, nothing fancy, stop in and dig in. There's no time in life to regret missing out on a great hamburger.

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