It looks like Kentucky has them lining up at the door, doesn't it? Since the beginning of 2022, we have shared multiple stories about movies being made in Kentucky.

Kentucky -- a New Hotbed for Hollywood Filmmakers

Those of us who are fans of this exciting development can't thank the Kentucky Entertainment Incentive enough for making film production such an affordable enterprise here in the Commonwealth. We had Orlando Bloom, Andie McDowell and a host of others filming Red Right Hand last spring in central Kentucky.

Ethan Hawke and an impressive cast were in Louisville and Shelbyville last fall and throughout the winter shooting and wrapping Wildcat.

And just this year, Lifetime put Somerset KY on the Hollywood-away-from-Hollywood map with a Christmas movie and the announcement that more films were going to be made there.

Why Kentucky Is Now So Desirable for the Movie Industry

Several movies have been filmed in Kentucky over the last several decades--as you'll see below--but that trend intensified in 2015 when then-Governor Steve Beshear signed a bill that increased production companies' tax credits from 20% to 35%. And now filmmakers are flocking to the Commonwealth with the same frequency as they look to Georgia where several series and blockbusters have been filmed. Think The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, and a host of Marvel movies.

Production Company Moves Operations from Somerset to London KY

And now RNR Media--a production company that has been spending a lot of time in Somerset--is moving its operations to London KY for an undisclosed project. The TV-web-digital media company HAS, however, disclosed that it is looking for extras for film shoots on May 15th through May 17th. These extras will play pedestrians, office workers, and yoga students. You can find those casting calls at

London KY is another example of the beauty of Kentucky small towns. I have no idea where these film shoots are going to happen in Laurel County, but, in terms of locations, there are plenty of picturesque options.

There's a classic album by The Clash called London Calling. Pretty soon, OUR London will be calling attention to itself via the bright lights and the small screen, or maybe the big screen. The thing is, it's become pretty clear that Kentucky is a very desirable location for Hollywood movers and shakers these days. We're only going to see more and more activity like this, and I am here for it.

13 Movies That Were Filmed in Kentucky

Kentucky hasn't gone ignored by Hollywood, with regards to the usage of filming locations. But there could always be more, right?

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