According to, the 21st Century Scholarship is an "early-college promise program designed to make college more affordable for students." Here's how to know if you qualify for this awesome scholarship opportunity and how to apply.

Opportunities for affordable higher education in Indiana

The 21st Century Scholarship is giving students in Indiana a chance at free to low-cost tuition. The scholarship pays upwards of 100% of the costs associated with public colleges and universities and partial amounts for private or independent educational facilities. The scholarship does not, however, cover the materials such as books, room and board, lab fees, and parking. Follow the link to learn more about what schools are currently accepting the scholarship.


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Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

Who is eligible for the 21st Century?

  • Must be an Indiana resident
  • Be automatically enrolled or have applied by the 7th or 8th grade (at an Indiana public or private school with accreditation from the Indiana Department of Education.
  • Must be a US or eligible non-citizen
  • Be a member of a family that meets necessary income guidelines (a student in foster care does not need to meet this requirement)


How to apply and more about the automatic enrollment process

Automatic Enrollment

Indiana students who are in the free and reduced lunch program are enrolled into the scholarship drawing automatically. Parents and legal guardians of those students taking place in the lunch program, no longer have to worry about filling out and submitting an application to participate.

To learn more if your child meets the criteria for the free and reduced lunch program for the 2023-2024 school year, click this link:

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

How to apply

The application deadline is set for June 30th of the eligible student's 8th grade year. The only acceptation for late application is for those students in foster care, who may apply for the scholarship while in high school. 

For further information on the 21st Century Scholarship and resources for other educational financial assistance, please visit:

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