A student from Louisville, Kentucky transforms into a pro-wrestling frontrunner after class!


Lillian Bridgett, aka Billie Starkz a senior at Atherton High School, is the alma mater of household names such as Jack Harlow, Hunter S. Thompson, and many others. Is gaining momentum in the pro circuit of wrestling. 

Backtrack to freshman year when Lilian was showing up to class, with noticeable bruises her teachers began to fret before realizing the reason behind them. 

"I love tossing people around and getting tossed around," Bridget said in a recent interview with WDRB News. "Being in a ring feels like home."

At the young age of 18, Lillian is quickly making a name for herself and climbing the ranks as one of the fasting rising female wrestlers on the ring scene. Training started at 13, in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and since she has gone on to wrestle in 23 states and Japan. The passion for the sport came from family influence according to Bridgett: 

"I kind of just fell in love watching it with my dad and I stayed with the mindset since I was five years old, I want to be a professional wrestler," she said. 


For the senior class superstar with a Twitter following of 26,000, most Fridays consist of a similar schedule. Fleeing from the confines of the classrooms to find the open road to her next destination for her matches. Lilian often appears on TV networks such as the REELZ Network with Major League Wrestling's "Underground" show alongside one of the largest wrestling companies in the business, All Elite Wrestling. 


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