If the cicadas haven't begun burrowing their way out of the underground by the time you read this, they will be here soon.

By now, you have read up on so much cicada info, from hilarious pods to whether or not it is OK to eat them and if they are peeing on me from above.


One thing that has been majorly overlooked when the brood comes to bother us in the summer of 2024 is how much they love our lawnmowers.

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It's not just because they wish to have a fancy lawn; it's the sound of that grass-cutting machine.


It's not only lawnmowers; it's everything loud you might use in the backyard, including hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and anything that makes a loud vibrating sound.


USA Today says these machines will "attract cicads toward your yard, and while these incoming insects are generally harmless, they can be an overwhelming nuisance that makes completing yard work difficult."

The thought of being bombarded while mowing the grass sucks and makes me think about going from "No Mow May" to "No Mow Summer."

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However, there are a few workarounds to keep the grass nice and short, like:

    • Mow at night. Cicadas aren't nocturnal, so we can get the job done while they're sleeping.
    • Push mow. I know that isn't the best option, but it'll work, and imagine how buff your arms will look after it.
    • Earbuds. Cicadas will be loud, so you might as well block it out. Turn on some music and crank the volume.

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