For more than a decade, Young & Established has worked to transform the lives of children in underserved areas of Evansville, Indiana. This youth mentoring organization works tirelessly to inspire, motivate, and lead the younger generation through various activities and events designed to address today's challenges.

Providing Guidance and Support

Young & Established's core mission is to uplift the community, with a primary focus on inspiring and motivating young individuals. Alongside this, they actively engage in activities to tackle current issues.

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The organization stands as a beacon for positive youth empowerment, driven by a passionate desire to help Evansville youth and young adults recognize their self-worth and potential. By setting and achieving goals, these individuals become successful members of society while pursuing their dreams.

 Join the Annual Backpack Drive

Mark your calendar for the upcoming Young & Established backpack drive! On July 27th, from Noon to 3 PM, the organization will distribute backpacks at McGary Middle School. Donating to this initiative will directly benefit students in need, providing them with essential tools to succeed academically. Last year there were more than 500 children served by the drive and the anticipated need is much higher for 2024.


Backpack Drive


How You Can Help

To support Young & Established's vital mission and continue their impactful work, consider making a tax-deductible donation or drop off a backpack or school supply donation today. By contributing, you contribute to the growth and development of youth in the community, helping them thrive and achieve their potential. Young & Established operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, ensuring transparency and accountability.

For more information about how you can get involved, to make a donation of backpacks or school supplies, or to volunteer your business as a drop-off location, reach out to Young & Established by emailing Young & Established continues to shape the future of Evansville's youth, leaving a lasting impact on their lives and the community as a whole. Join their movement of empowerment and make a difference today.

Comprehensive Support for the Youth

The impact of Young & Established goes beyond traditional mentoring. The organization offers valuable assistance to the youth in various ways. Students receive help with homework and studying, enabling them to excel academically. Enrichment activities like reading, art, and chess further fuel their creativity and cognitive development. The organization's dedication extends to addressing essential needs like food and hygiene, ensuring that no child goes without these necessities.

Practical Life Skills

Young & Established understands the importance of teaching practical life skills. To prepare the youth for their futures, they maintain a closet full of suits and dress clothes, offering guidance on dressing appropriately for different occasions. Additionally, they teach essential skills like tying a necktie and handling laundry. These invaluable life lessons empower the youth to confidently face life's challenges.

Aiding Education with Wi-Fi Access

Recognizing the significance of digital education, Young & Established provides neighborhood Wi-Fi for students in the area. This free internet access enables them to complete their schoolwork and access valuable educational resources, bridging the digital divide for underserved communities.

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