DOTs-Evansville is giving back this week to Warrick Humane Society and here's how you can help!

What Is DOTs?

DOTs is a really great non-profit and community resource that is not only making goods like food, beverages, and even furniture easily accessible to the community at an affordable price, but the organization also gives back in a big way too. DOTs is located in Evansville but has ties to the Henderson, Kentucky non-profit 4 Good Community. All of the items available in the DOTs resource center are new and unused.

How DOTs Membership Works

While DOTs may offer everything from food, drinks, clothing, furniture, and other general goods, you don't purchase these items like you would in a traditional retail store. Instead, when you walk into DOTs, you purchase your membership for your visit. Membership is available in two levels $10 or $50.

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A $10 membership will get you 10 dots and likewise, a $50 membership will get you 50 dots. Those dots are only good for the day of your visit and are used as a form of currency to exchange for the goods you'd like to have.

How To Use DOTs

Of course, you can go in and pick up things for yourself or your home, but you could also trade your dots in for goods to help out someone else that you know may be struggling. It is an easy way to help without committing a large amount of money - because let's face it, we are all struggling right now.

What Happens to Extra Dots?

If you purchase a $50 membership, and you only use 40 of your dots during your visit, you don't get to keep the left-over dots. Instead (and this is the really cool part!) the other 10 dots get placed into a pool, or fund, for another non-profit, resource organization, or fellow members of the community in need.

 Your Dots Could Benefit Warrick Humane Society This Week

There are a number of ways that your leftover dots can help others in need - even animals in need. This week, April 11th through April 15th, all extra dots accumulated will be donated to Warrick Humane Society. Warrick Humane will then be able to use those dots to get some of the resources they need for the shelter. It's a big win-win!

More About Warrick Humane Society

Warrick Humane Society, located on Vann Road in Newburgh, Indiana, is a wonderful 501 c3 designated non-profit, no-kill shelter serving Warrick County, and located in Newburgh, Indiana. Warrick Humane was founded in 1983 and since opening their building for the first time in 1997, they have continued to work with animal control agencies, and other animal rescue organizations to save thousands of animals.

The staff and volunteers work diligently to care for the animals until they can be adopted into their forever homes. Warrick Humane Society receives no funding from taxes or national organizations but rather is run entirely with donations made from individual and corporate donations. To learn more about Warrick Humane Society and to potentially meet your new best friend, visit their Facebook page.

Photo by Jon Koop on Unsplash

Find DOTs-Evansville

If you're ready to experience DOTs for yourself, you can find them at 856 South Green River Road, in the Lawndale Shopping Center located in Evansville, Indiana. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10 am until 6 pm. To learn more about DOTs-Evansville, check out their Facebook page.

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