Skip the holiday headache and take a road trip this Turkey Day instead to the best Illinois town for Thanksgiving.

Forget the Cooking and Clean-up

Thanksgiving is often synonymous with giant grocery bills and big family gatherings. You know, the ones that leave you exhausted and in need of a holiday vacation... but what if you just skipped all of the cooking and clean-up, and avoided all of the awkward conversations altogether?

But Where Should You Go?

If you're ready for a Thanksgiving getaway, you might want to decide on a destination before you just hop in your car and head off down the road. Fortunately, there are some beautiful places to visit and they aren't far away.

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Fall Foliage Roadtrip

So your bags are packed and you're ready to go? You're going to want to travel to a quaint little town in northwestern Illinois this Thanksgiving. Not only is it absolutely breathtaking this time of year with the fall foliage, but it is the perfect place to enjoy a little holiday vacation.

Photo by Austin Goode on Unsplash

Best Thanksgiving Towns

CountryLiving recently shared the 35 Best Thanksgiving Towns in America, and one in particular sits along the northwestern edge of Illinois, along the Mississippi River. If you're ready for a beautiful adventure, Galena is your go-to this holiday season.

With its perfectly preserved 19th-century buildings, this Midwestern hamlet looks as if it's frozen in time. About 85 percent of the town is a national historic district. Fall brings an explosion of colors to the surrounding rolling hills and valleys. Visit the historic attractions, browse one-of-a-kind boutiques on Main Street, and save enough time for a stop at the local watering hole, Blaum Bros. Distilling Co.
Photo by Keren Roeglin on Unsplash

Something for Everyone

Undoubtedly there is plenty to do and see in Galena, and the surrounding area.

Once-a-year trips to historic Galena Country are wonderful, but experienced visitors know the fun goes on all year ‘round. From snowshoeing at Casper Bluff Land & Water Reserve in the glistening white winter to watching the Great Galena Balloon Race at the peak of high summer, this northwest Illinois playground offers a full year’s worth of adventure and enjoyment. -

So forget the big family get-together. Skip the turkey and stuffing and hours over the stove, and adventure to one of the best Thanksgiving towns in the country.


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