One Evansville non-profit is asking for the help of the community - they are in need of towels...

Feline Fix is a 501 c 3 Trap Neuter & Return program that focuses on reducing the feral and stray cat populations humanely. If you are unaware, a single female cat can produce dozens of kittens in her lifetime with each of her female kittens producing dozens more.

How Many Kittens Can an Un-alter Female Cat Produce?

One un-sterilized female cat and one intact male cat can result in literally hundreds of thousands of offspring. According to,

Female cats can breed three times a year and have an average of 4 kittens per litter. In seven years, one unspayed female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats

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Feline Fix is an Evansville Area TNR Program

This is where Feline Fix, and other organizations like it, come in with their TNR - Trap, Neuter & Return - program. Their volunteers, along with the help of the community, trap stray, feral or "community" cats. These cats are then seen by a veterinarian to be surgically and humanely sterilized and then re-released back where they were found. This is a wonderful resource as it keeps colonies of cats from growing exponentially while still allowing the animals to live out their lives.

Little kittens in a cage of a shelter

Towel Donations Needed

But the mission of Feline Fix doesn't end with stray and feral cats. They also help pet owners in the community with a low-cost option for spaying and neutering their cats. However, since they have so many kittens in their care currently that will be going for their surgeries, Feline Fix is in desperate need of towels. The towels, which don't have to be new, but should be cleaned, will be used to keep the kittens warm while they recover from their surgeries.

To donate towels, contact Felin Fix. You can also help them continue their mission to reduce the cat population in our area by making a tax-deductible donation to Feline Fix through their website.

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