One Indiana restaurant has landed among the best in the country for Chinese food.

Not All Dining Experiences Are Created Equal

When it comes to eating out, it's not all created equal. Over the years, I have had some really great and some really bad dining experiences. Finding a place that is the total package can be a challenge, but a recent list from Love Food just made it a little easier to find a good restaurant experience.

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Best Chinese Restaurants Across America

Love Food dug in to determine the best Chinese restaurants in every state in America, and Washington DC. The results are a delicious blend of modern fusion and small, family-owned businesses across the country.

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The Best Chinese Restaurant in Indiana.

Located in Indianapolis you will find Imperial Palace tucked in among several other businesses. While it is a small space, with only about six or so tables, according to Tripadvisor, visitors rave about the food, service, and cleanliness of the restaurant, making it clear why it landed among Love Food's list of best Chinese restaurants in the country.

The menu at Imperial Palace, a firm favorite in Indy, is packed with Chinese and Chinese-American classics like garlic chicken, beef with broccoli, and orange shrimp. Should you want something different, however, you only have to ask – the staff are so friendly and accommodating, they might just whip up something especially for you. Customers say it’s a cut above. - Love Food

Imperial Palace is located at 5510 Lafayette Road. To learn more about Imperial Palace and to view its menu, visit its website.

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[SOURCE: LoveFood]

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