If you're seeking a spooktacular and family-friendly Halloween adventure, mark your calendars for Evansville's second annual Zombie 5K Run & Walk. This thrilling event promises a heart-pounding experience for participants of all ages, where you can outrun brain-hungry zombies while contributing to a worthy cause.

A Quest for a Zombie Outbreak Cure

Scheduled for Sunday, October 29th, the Zombie 5K Run & Walk invites you, your friends, and your loved ones to join in a quest for the cure to the zombie outbreak. But beware, as you'll need to put your running shoes to the test and outpace the relentless brain-hungry zombies on your way to success.

Evade the Zombie Horde

The exciting route kicks off at the picturesque Wesselman Woods and takes you through the enchanting woodlands before crossing the iconic Lloyd Expressway. Your mission: reach the Eyecamp Scout Center and retrieve the cure, then make a sprint back to headquarters while evading the zombie horde.

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Post-Race Halloween Party

Participation comes with an array of enticing perks, including a race shirt, strategically placed water stops to keep you hydrated, and satisfying post-race snacks. Additionally, you'll have the chance to unleash your inner artist with captivating face painting and access to the lively Wesselman Woods Post-race Halloween party.


Trunk or Treat to Follow

The fun-filled day doesn't end with the race. Starting at 1 pm, a trunk or treat extravaganza awaits, along with a lively pumpkin carving contest, exciting giveaways, and more. Be sure to capture a chilling snapshot at the blood-spattered wall to commemorate your brave journey.

Register Early to Save

Ready to secure your spot? Early birds can register for $25 per person (plus fees) until September 15, 2023. After that date, the price will rise, so act swiftly to snag your event tee shirt. Register online at RiseUp.com and prepare for an unforgettable Halloween escapade.

Participate for Free: Register as a Zombie

If you're eager to embark on a unique adventure and are aged 16 or above, consider becoming one of the captivating zombies. Volunteers have the chance to be a part of the action, responsible for their own costumes and makeup. Zombie registration is free and opens starting August 24, 2023, so don't miss your opportunity to be a part of the undead excitement.

The Zombie 5K Run & Walk offers an exhilarating opportunity to outrun brain-hungry zombies, discover the cure, and enjoy a day brimming with Halloween-themed festivities. Whether you're a runner or a volunteer, this event promises a memorable & hair-raising experience for everyone involved. So lace up your sneakers, gather your courage, and join the fun on October 29th for a spine-chilling adventure like no other.

[Source: Rise Up and Run]

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