One Indiana police department is mourning the loss of a member of its mounted patrol.

Blondie Helped Launch The Evansville Police Department's Mounted Patrol

Born in 2006, Blondie was one of the first horses to help get the Evansville Police Department's Mounted Patrol Unit up and running in 2017. She went on to help train the current horses that are part of the unit.

Blondie Was An Active Member of the Evansville Community

Evansville Police Lieutenant Wood was Blondie's human partner on the police force and he and Blondie were a very active member of the Evansville community, regularly making appearances at events. Everyone loved her.

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<div dir="auto">Blondie was often seen out in the community as she participated in hundreds of community events. Kids and adults of all ages loved Blondie. She helped break the ice when people would come up to say hello and start a conversation with the Mounted Patrol Officers. There are countless stories of citizens coming up to pet and love on Blondie while telling us about their childhood horse memories.</div><div dir="auto"> </div>
Evansville Police Department via Facebook

Blondie Was Laid to Rest in Her Favorite Pasture

In a statement on its Facebook page, the Evansville Police Department says that Blondie will be greatly missed. She was laid to rest in what the EPD called "her favorite pasture" and say she was surrounded by Lieutenant Wood and his family.

While there is no doubt, Blondie will be missed, her legacy will live on as the Evansville Police Department's Mounted Patrol continues its work in the Evansville community.

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