Eclipse day is finally here but when it's through, what do you do with your eclipse viewing glasses? Here's how you can "pay it forward."

Nearly 1 Million Eclipse Visitors to Indiana = Lots of Eclipse Glasses

A large portion of Indiana is within the path of totality with nearly a million people visiting the Hoosier State to view the celestial phenomenon. Needless to say, that is going to leave a lot of solar eclipse viewing glasses unneeded. But don't just toss them in the trash!

Donate Your Eclipse Glasses in Evansville, Indiana

If you are local to the Evansville, Indiana area, there are several in-person drop-off locations for glasses to be donated to Astronomers Without Borders.

Astronomers Without Borders has been sending solar glasses for annular and total solar eclipse since 2008. From Africa, Asia, North and South America, our members, partners and National Coordinators helped to bring glasses to people who may not otherwise have a safe way to view the eclipse directly. Travellers from the United States graciously volunteered to bring them in their luggage and hand them out to local educators and organizers of public viewing events.
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Astronomers Without Borders Sends Eclipse Glasses to Several Other Countries

Glasses donated to Astronomers Without Borders will be sent to other countries for future eclipse events. To donate your eclipse glasses in Evansville:

  • Look for a drop-off bin marked for eclipse glasses only at your viewing location
  • Drop off at the Evansville African American Museum and you will receive a free pass in exchange for your donation.
  • Drop off at Sixth and Zero, located at 435 Main Street in downtown Evansville.
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Mail Your Eclipse Viewing Glasses to Be Donated

If you are not local to Evansville, you can actually donate your solar eclipse viewing glasses to school children in Latin America to be used to view the October 2024 annular eclipse. All of the donated glasses will be passed out to students for free.

Your eclipse viewing glasses can be used but they do need to be undamaged. Donating is super easy. Just put them into an envelope or bubble mailer and ship them to Eclipse Glasses USA at the address below.

Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC
PO Box 50571
Provo, UT 84605

Your packages need to be mailed by August 1, 2024 to ensure time for them to arrive in Utah before being sent to school children in Latin America ahead of the October 2, 2024 annular eclipse.

Help Others and the Planet with Your Eclipse Glasses Donation

This is just a small way that you can share your love of astronomy with others while preventing millions of eclipse glasses from ending up in our landfills. It's a win-win!

USPS Says These Items are Prohibited, Restricted, and Non-Mailable

Before you go to drop a package at the post office, be sure you are not trying to mail one of these prohibited, restricted, or non-mailable items.

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