It's a great day to be alive because it's time for another country concert announcement.

We have had quite a few concert announcements for the Evansville area thus far in 2024. Each show is surely going to be a can't-miss. However, this concert announcement is one that I am overly excited about, and if you know me, you know why.

Travis Tritt Returns to Evansville in 2024

CMA and Grammy award-winning country artist, Travis Tritt has performed in the Evansville area quite a bit and whether it's a solo acoustic show or a full band performance, it's always a fun and entertaining show. The country music legend will be coming back to Evansville in August, and I for one, can't wait! It's no secret that Travis Tritt is my all-time favorite artist. He's responsible for making me the smartest kid in pre-school because I could spell a word bigger than the other students, "TROUBLE"! One day, I hope to be lucky enough to meet him and thank him for not only that but for giving me my love for great country music.

You'll hear all of your favorite hits such as "Anymore", "Country Club", "It's A Great Day To Be Alive", "T-R-O-U-B-L-E", and many more! Not only that, but this show will feature Travis telling some personal stories, musical influences, and of course a few laughs along the way.

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Travis Tritt Evansville Tour Date and Ticket Information

Travis Tritt will be bringing his tour to the Old National Events Plaza on August 1st, 2024. Tickets for Travis Tritt's concert will go on sale this Friday, April 26th th at 12 p.m. at and the the Old National Events Center Box Office. 99.5 WKDQ will have the chance for you to win a pair of tickets to the concert before they go on sale on Travis and Melissa in the Morning the week of April 29th!

Katie Zimmerman
Katie Zimmerman

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